Developing a First-in-Class Drug Candidate
for the Treatment of Metastatic Squamous Cancer
CD44v6 - A promising target to tackle
solid tumors and metastases
AMC303 – amcure’s lead compound
advances through clinical development
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About Amcure

amcure leverages its in-depth knowledge of CD44 target biology to develop a novel therapeutic approach to treat metastatic squamous tumors. In cancer, blocking the extracellular target CD44v6 has a beneficial effect on several relevant receptor tyrosine kinase pathways. Our first-in-class CD44v6-inhibitor AMC303 entered clinical development in solid tumors in Q4 2016.


Spin-off from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)


CD44v6 inhibitor AMC303, a potent and selective inhibitor of multiple receptor tyrosine kinases

Clinical Development

First-in-Class molecule AMC303 in Phase I/Ib study in cancer patients

Recent News

amcure is sponsored by a grant from the German Ministry of Education and Research
Short description: Development of a novel compound for the treatment of metastasizing cancers
Support code: 031B0052