Mode of Action

CD44v6, an isoform of the CD44 family of adhesion molecules, acts as an essential co-receptor to the oncologically relevant receptor tyrosine kinases c-Met, VEGFR-2, and RON, which are involved in promoting tumor growth, angiogenesis, plus the development and growth of metastases. In addition, CD44v6 plays an important role in the establishment of immunosuppressive and tumor-permissive microenvironments. CD44v6 is often highly expressed in epithelial tumors and high expression levels typically correlate with a poor prognosis.

Currently available treatment options address only the receptor tyrosine kinases or their activating ligands. Our first-in-class inhibitor AMC303 has a different mode of action: Blocking the signaling of receptor tyrosine kinases and modulation of the tumor microenvironment.